DSB Pourable Pavement Seals

DSB 800 is a low modulus, high performance, one-part, non-sag silicone joint sealant. DSB 900SL is an ultra-low modulus, high performance, one-part, self-leveling, silicone joint sealant. Each product can be used to seal new or existing concrete and asphalt joints and both are formulated for use on highway, airport, parking structures and bridge joints where high movement occurs. Quality backer rods available for use from The D.S. Brown Company when installing DSB 800 and 900 silicone products.


D.S. Brown Silicone sealants are supplied in a ready-to-use form, with no mixing or any other preparation required to prepare the sealant for use.


After appropriate curing of the concrete (a minimum of 7 days is recommended) joint reservoirs for the sealant can be cut into the concrete using appropriate concrete sawing procedures and equipment. In “fast track” or high-early-strength concrete mixes, it may be possible to saw and seal the joints sooner than the recommended 7-day minimum for standard concrete mixes.


DSB 800 Installation

DSB 800 Silicone

Biggs AAF Airport, Fort Bliss TX
DSB 900 Installation

DSB 900 Silicone